If you have decided to brush up on your poker skills before getting online and learning how to play poker on the Internet, there are some resources that will help you with learning online poker that are a little more effective than others.

Most of these online resources are free and, if they are not, the cost is so minimal it is worth the investment.

Free software — There is a slew of free software online available to those who are trying to learn how to play online poker well.

One of these software programs is called PokerStove and it is extremely helpful if you want to learn the ins and outs of range-vs-range equity.

Look for other free software programs on other aspects of playing online poker. You can use them on the go when you have a few minutes to spare, yet what you can learn from them is invaluable.

Online poker chat rooms — The best free places for good resources on how to play online poker are found in free chat rooms.

These chat rooms are set up for situs poker online players all over the world and are frequented by hundreds of thousands of them. Join a couple of these chat rooms and read everything you can lay your hands on.

They are especially useful when it comes to discussions about specific poker strategies. This is because one person will start a new topic and will discuss why their latest strategy is the best. Others will then come in and either agree with them or refute it. Either way, you can learn a lot just from the discussion alone.

Online poker schools — Here you have to choose whether you want to sign up with one of the free schools that funds their tutoring from advertising, or pay a fee for specific courses.

Both can be excellent resources for learning online poker, so it really is just up to you as to how much money you have available and how much, if any, you wish to spend.

YouTube videos — One of the best free places to learn about tips and tricks for playing online poker is on YouTube. The world’s largest video depository has videos from all levels of poker players, and covering every type of poker game imaginable.

Spend a few hours going through YouTube videos about every aspect of online poker playing you are not familiar with and watching the ones that look interesting. In just a few hours, you will have learned more about playing poker than you have in the many years of actually playing it.

Just be sure you try to find out a little bit about the person that made the video before you classify their tips as valuable and worth following.

After all, you are better learning from a seasoned poker player that actually wins when he or she plays online poker, rather than from one that is great at making videos but not at much else.