Online poker is a great way to have fun showing off your skills without having to drive down to the local casino in your state. Online poker affords you the opportunity to simply log into your account from any mobile device, and play against poker players from around the globe. Regardless your skill lever, or how much money you have in your online poker bankroll, one thing you should be aware of is the rake.

Here is some information that covers everything you need to know about understanding the rake in online poker.

What is the Rake?

In the most basic of terms, the rake in agen poker online is how the site makes their money. These online poker sites are not in the business to provide entertainment for free, and they do not operate like an online casino. When you play at the online casino, if you lose a hand to the dealer at Blackjack or coins in a slot machine, that all goes to the house. That is how those websites make their money. At the online poker sites, the money goes to the player who win the hand at the table, and that means the house isn’t making money at all. They implemented the rake to that they can get a very small percentage of the stakes in every hand as their pay for allowing you to play at this website.

How Much is the Rake?

The rake is usually very small, but the online poker sites all list that amount on their website. On average, the rake is generally 2 to 10 percent of the pot in every poker hand. This is not something extra you pay, it is a part of the winnings after the hand has played out. For example, if a poker site has a rake of 5 percent, and after all the players have bet and the winning hand is $100, the rake for that hand will be $5, so the winner of the hand is only getting $95 and the house makes the other $5.

Do I Have to Pay the Rake?

Yes, paying the rake is the only way that you can play, unless you are playing with the free chips. Again, we have to make it clear here that you are not paying the rake unless you are in a hand and it really only affects you if you win. To play a hand, you were going to have to put up chips anyway, and if you lose, you weren’t losing any more than you would have normally bet. The rake comes from the winnings only.

Paying Less of a Rake

If you are concerned about losing a big piece of your winnings, there are two things you can do to lower the rake. One, play at lower limit tables where the prizes are smaller. Secondly, choose a site where they give back part of the rake to players who reach a certain threshold.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about understanding the rake in online poker.