Poker is the most popular form of card playing in the world. Before I share with you great tips on how to play poker, would be nice first to understand its history.

The common assumption is that poker was invented by the Chinese around 950AD which they named domino cards. It is different from the game today or any of its variations. Earlier variations of poker were similar in many ways and then were enhanced and mixed into what is played today.

The 99 domino poker version of Poker is played with a partial Double-Six domino set, by two, three or four players. They play the game with the double-one without the blank-suited tiles in the domino set, leaving only twenty tiles. The game maintains the bluffing aspect of the original game. However, hand rankings are not the same with card poker.

How to Play to Play Domino Poker

Before each hand, players bet a predetermined amount of money into a pot. They agree on minimum and maximum raising limits on the amount ante’d into the pot.

The dominoes are shuffled, with the face down, and the dealer deals five tiles to each player that only they can look at the card. Then each player does one of the following things in turns:

Check: Checking is only allowed in the initial round of betting and it means the player stays in the game without putting into the pot.

Fold: This means the player drops out of the game, a player who folds must not reveal their hand.

Bet: It is done only in the first round of betting, and each player puts an amount into the pot.

Call: It happens when a player puts the same amount into the pot while the game is still in play and all players reveal their hands.

Raise: A player announces and bets a higher amount, and any player who wants to continue must put in an equal amount or higher amount.

Strategy for Domino Poker

These tips will improve your domino poker strategy hence win more chips and home games.

Remember that the ranking of the hands is different to ordinary poker. Some of them such as straights and full houses share the same name, but making the hand and sometimes even the value is different. A flush is greater than a straight in Texas Hold’em, whereas in domino poker the straight sixes are the second-highest value hand.

With dominos in hand, a player can eliminate some opponents’ possible combinations. With three doubles in hand then there are only two doubles left to have, so it is not feasible that someone else has a four-of-a-kind or Royal Hand.

When people fold, they have to reveal their hand, giving a player more opportunity to calculate what remaining opponents don’t have. Domino or card counting is a significant advantage in domino poker.

Making the top value hands is challenging. There more than 1.8 million hand combinations that are possible, and only five doubles in the set, creating five, four or three of a kind almost impossible. Lower value hands are ideal to play to the end.

Domino poker becomes a game of bluffing because strong hands are difficult to make. Players force their opponents to fold stronger hands to enable take down pots. Prevent players from bluffing too much by calling weaker hands. If someone is folding all of the time, continue to bluff them to make them wait longer. Domino poker is also available for play online.