Most players start asking themselves, at some point, “when am I ready to start raising the stakes in online poker at pokerCC“?

Raising the stakes can be a 50/50 gamble if you will. Raising the stakes means you have mastered the kiddy pool, and you are ready to start swimming in the adult pool, sometimes the deep end if you will.

The question is: When are you ready to start taking a bigger risk?

1)The Regulars

Are you playing with people who are beginners? Are you constantly ahead of the curve, when they are still making beginner’s moves and mistakes? That is a sign you are ready to move onto something bigger and better.

Playing with people who are still making mistakes is similar to being in a classroom with first-graders when you should be in the sixth grade. That is no way is meant to disrespect those still playing on a first-grade level. However, there comes a moment when you know it is time to move on.

This is one of those moments.


2)The Exploitation Of Others

Say, for example, you are playing with beginners. I am going to use the example from number one. Say you are constantly making adjustments, from different angles, and are gaining on the exploits of others. That means you take the vulnerabilities of the others and exploit them at every turn.

You are taking and winning money at every turn through the mistakes of the newbies. That means that you are also ready to move onto something larger. You could spend the rest of your poker career doing that, others have done it, but, that is not going to be kind to those who are trying to learn the ropes.

Beginners want to move as much as they can and move on, as you do. That is why it is in your best interest and their best interest to start looking for bigger stakes if you find yourself in that position.


3)The Fear Tilts

A lot of beginners tend to suffer from something called, “fear tilts”. That is when the person is very anxious about betting almost anything. They stick with low bets because it reduces the fear factor inside.

Those of you who have graduated beyond that can feel better knowing you ate ready to move on. Fear tilts hold back a lot of people. You should not move up the stakes until you are ready to move past the fear.

The only way you can move forward from this is when you have no ounce of fear left.