For years, sports betting (e.g. on agen sbobet) has been a big deal for soccer. It is one of the primary reasons for fixing and people trying to make money off of it. Nowadays, with sports betting becoming online, many stories can be found in social media, stating the win of hundreds of dollars. But some crazy bets happened in soccer history that can be considered as the biggest sports bet on soccer. Let’s have a look at the biggest sports betting wins in soccer:

$760,000 from $110

It is, arguably, the biggest win in the history of soccer. An anonymous person won this crazy amount of my on soccer betting by using an accumulator. He places a $110 bet, which is more than average. Who would’ve known that his $110 investment would pay off so well?

It happened in 2011 when a person placed a bet using an accumulator. The chance of winning was 1 in 683,738, and it is almost unbelievable how he was the one to win such a significant amount. Sports accumulator bets are usually made to get a high amount of money. It’s not like traditional gambling and online gambling that are present.

Notable mentions

  1. $40 to $650,200

When Bayern Munich defeated Valencia in the 2001’s UEFA Champions League, it helped a punter to win more than half a million dollars by wagering only forty dollars. The odds were very narrow as the chances of the punter winning were 1 in 1,666,666.

  1. $353,700 from only $3.25

In Ladbrokes, by only wagering $3.25, a punter won more than $353,700 from a nine-way accumulator. The person predicted that Chelsea would be beaten by Wolves, a draw will happen between Arsenal and Manchester City, another draw will occur between Bilbao and Barcelona, and Blackburn will beat Liverpool. From all these crazy predictions, he won an amount that settled his future.

  1. $3.25 to $200,000

A Manchester United fan got his life turned around when his $3.25 bet helped him winning more than $200,000. The incident happened in 1999 in Upper St John Street, Lichfield’s shop, named William Hill shop, where a regular customer came to gamble his money. After winning, he told the person working there that he will come back again, and he did. He earned $650,200 that have been mentioned above.

  1. $150,000 from $50

The incident happened in London in 2010, where a punter made bets on the events of clubs like Valencia, Barcelona, Español, etc. He might have thought that his another $50 is getting wasted, but fortunately, his bet came true, which gave him more than $150,000. The person remained anonymous in media and is probably enjoying his money as much as he can.