Playing Texas Hold ‘Em poker (check out poker99 online) has been an American pastime for many-a-decade now. The ability to read your opponents while calculating yours and their hands along with the knowledge of the probabilities of what cards are coming next makes for a super great time with your friends or even complete strangers. There are very few feelings that beat winning at a table where you were able to read your opponents after having just met them. There are as many play styles and strategies as there are players of the game.

TAG play, which is short for (T)ight (AG)gressive play is, a term used for a poker play style that focuses on timing and throwing off your opponents’ play. As with any winning player, reading your opponent is paramount as is knowing how strong your hand really is. And using your bluff skills here is an important part of keeping your opponent on his or her heels. Timing is a huge factor as Tight Aggressive play strategy has you sit until you get a decent hand to play. This tight style cuts out long shot bets such as an outside straight thereby eliminating certain types of hands that can easily not go your way.

With Tight Aggressive play your play hands are pocket 9’s or better. Once your hand comes that’s when you turn it on!!! The flop will determine your next course of action. This includes calculating what cards your opponents may have and the draw probabilities. In addition, you want to draw in your opponents’ chips, so as stated above the all-important bluff is ever necessary.

As with any learned skill practice makes perfect. Don’t expect to be Phil Hellmuth within your first solid month of play! Learning individuals’ tells and preferred play styles takes time. And you’ll need to be able to do that almost immediately after the game begins. As you have no doubt guessed this skill will take time to develop. Then again, some people are naturals at reading others’ body language and facial expressions. Always remember that the other players at your table are implementing their strategies and reading all the other players, including you!!!

Tight Aggressive play has its holes, but it is a solid strategy to build on. As I mentioned beforehand, every player has their own unique style. After a few seasons of solid play, you should start to begin to develop your own style as you become more comfortable with the game and how to read other players. And who knows … maybe the cards will favor you!!! Just remember that when they do you have to have the guts to go all in!!!