Games bring excitement and fun to life, or so many people would not be spending time playing bridge, monopoly, and dominos poker. You have probably encountered monopoly and bridge, but it is likely you have not played dominos poker. The Chinese created this version of poker, but people all over the world play it today. Are you new to this game, and would you like to know how to play and win? Read on.

Understand the Rules First

There is nothing like playing and winning a game where you are clueless about the rules that govern it. If you want to learn to play domino poker 99, you must first grasp the rules of the game. Once you understand the rules, you can proceed and master all the tricks that will have you winning most of the time.

Two to Four Players

Between two participants and a maximum of four are required to play. Before the game starts, each player puts their ante —a predetermined sum of money — into the pot. Dealing the hands then follows; each person receives five tiles regardless of whether there are two, three, or four players. The participants decide who among them deals the hands. Players also agree on minimum and maximum raising limits before the game starts.

The Rules

As a participant, you may choose any one of five different actions. You may check. Checking can only happen during the initial round; it helps a person remain in the game without needing to put more money into the pot. You can also fold, which means you choose to exit the game, losing any claim to the ante. You can opt to bet, which means you add some more money to the pot — remember the raising limits mentioned earlier? You can only do this in the first round.

Things Get Exciting

As with every game, things begin to get exciting at some point. The game continues until it reaches a point where everyone has put into the pot the same amount of money. At this point, betting has come to an end, and the players reveal their hands. However, one can still choose to raise. Raising happens when a person announces and puts in a sum higher than what everyone else has already. If you wish to stay in the play, you must match that amount or raise again with a larger amount wagered. If no one raises, the game comes to an end.

Winning the game

At the call stage, players reveal their hands. Ranking of the hands follows. The highest-ranking hand is the winner, and the winner takes all. Heaviest tile is the lowest ranked while invincible or royal hand ranks highest. Others are single pair, flush, triple, straight fours, full house, straight fives, four-of-a-kind, and straight sixes. To win, have no experience! Surprisingly, those new to poker are more likely to take the pot than experienced players. That said, practicing sharpens skills.

You now know enough; gather your friends and play. It gets better with practice.