Have you been betting for a while and usually break even or sometimes you make a small profit? If so, you are ready for some ADVANCED betting strategies that could take you to the next level on your favourite sports betting site sbo77bola. Even though the mathematical odds favor the house always, there are some things you can do to improve your chances.


“Value” is the Key to Successful Betting

  • The risk is outweighed by the reward
  • You need to estimate the winning chance
  • Research the best decimal price
  • Now multiply the odds times the percentage chance of winning
  • If the number is better than 1-you have a great value for the bet


Home and Away prediction

  • A team’s home advantage is a real thing
  • Roughly half of all home games end in a victory
  • Cross-reference the home team record against the away team record
  • You can usually predict the outcome


Recent Record Versus Season Record

  • You can’t always predict an outcome based on a season performance
  • If a team has won its last three games this is a more accurate indicator
  • Injuries are also an important consideration when placing bets
  • A team that has lost the last few may be in a slump


Get Scientific

  • Don’t shy away from spreadsheets
  • Numbers organized in the right way can help you spot patterns
  • Plug in numbers in different ways to get insight
  • Include your betting record to indicate shifts or patterns


Mistakes To Avoid

  • Betting too frequently
  • Listening to your heart instead of following your head
  • Luck doesn’t have anything to do with it
  • Don’t bet when you are inebriated


Odds are important to understand when betting. They actually predict two things, the amount of the payout and the likelihood of an outcome happening. There are different odd types that go beyond simply winning and losing.


Moneyline Odds

  • Also known as “American” odds. Most common in the United States
  • Indicated by a positive or negative number
  • You get to keep your stake with a winner


Odds with Decimals

  • Not used in the U.S. but favored in Australia and Canada
  • Listed as a positive number with two decimal places
  • This number defines the payout


Odds with Fractions

  • Used primarily in England
  • Shows how much profit you can make
  • If the first number in the fraction is larger than the second, this is odds against bet


Some Common Terms

  • Action-means the general betting of a game
  • Betting Exchange-eliminates the need of bookies; betters wager directly against each other.
  • Chalk- the favored to win game
  • Dime-means a $1000 bet
  • Dog player-Someone who tends to always bet on the underdog


As you can see, the sport of gambling is intricate and takes some patience and hard work. If you are serious about winning some money-you must take the time to research and know the game, as well as the players. Just as sports take practice, a gambler will get better with time. Information is power so the more you know, the more profit you can make. It can be fun with the right respect for knowing when to stop and cut your losses.